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  • karazombabe

  • 18 years old | Raymond, New Hampshire

  • cris1789
  • 21 years old | Meredith, New Hampshire

  • curiousdreamer2

  • I ----ing love brains yummy yummy, Look zombies are the s---, you wanna survive an attack make sure you got dry food rations a crowbar (imma have a kitana too) Friends that are smart and fast, be fit yourself, knowing parcore is a plus. now secure buildings and have a map. Basic survival skills and kits (rope matches etc) Its cool to like the internet but dont rely on it for survival or else I'll... ...
  • 22 years old | All of New Hampshire

  • paradisekraig1
  • 29 years old | Amherst, New Hampshire

  • jbiz84
  • Walking Dead
    Walking Dead I'd be the best survivor, i'd got to Walmart...they have everything there ...
  • 28 years old | Nashua, New Hampshire

  • bladesoverguns

  • One must be ready when the sketchy strip club down the street becomes the flashpoint of the zombie apocalypse. ...
  • 37 years old | All of New Hampshire

  • casperboi
  • 32 years old | All of New Hampshire

  • bk3fifteen
  • 41 years old | Rural Area, New Hampshire

  • doctordoom79
  • 33 years old | All of New Hampshire

  • livingdeadgrl30
  • I have big brains, wanna taste?
    I have big brains, wanna taste? Im a brat, I'm a tease, I'm the girl you wish you could have. LOL. yeah, i ooze confidence. I'm the geek you see playing rpg video games or rock band, drooling over pirates and vampires, getting lost in my books, and trying on sexy new corsets. I'm the girl who will give you a kiss that will make you say "damn" then whisper in your ear "you only wish you could have... ...
  • 30 years old | Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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