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Zombie Passions Members

  • nodsknight
  • 52 years old | Milwaukee, WI, USA

  • jbhwireman
  • Jbhwireman The walking dead is the greatest show ever! Would love to meet a girl tha could survive the zombie apocalypse with me! Lol
  • 49 years old | Abbot, IL, USA

  • lucien
  • Brain Eaters Who doesn't love Zombies?!!!!
  • 25 years old | Detroit, MI, USA

  • aranbenjo
  • booooo still not prepared
  • 40 years old | Roma, Italy

  • 3pusumudu0
  • 37 years old | Reno, NV, USA

  • gauban
  • Knight in semi-shiny armour WIP please see my nerd passions account
  • 32 years old | Ebbw Vale, United Kingdom

  • mgmirkin
  • Why no zombie bears or zombie monkeys? Still waiting for that perfect zombie flick that's a little less anthropocentric. I mean, why haven't there been any movies with a zombie bear? Sure, that hand axe might be good for whacking human zombies, but are you really going to take down that zombie bear that just walked around the side of the house with it? I think not. Love zombie movies. Not i...
  • 40 years old | Portland, OR, USA

  • flogginmoleh
  • Pills here!
  • Pills here! If you get the reference to the title you get bonus points! I'm terrified of horror movies but love anything to do with Zombies. I told my brother when I got my SUV I needed a brush guard for it. He asked why. My answer? FOR THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Duh! You and I will be the last two people after all is said and done. It's up to us to repopulate the earth. We'd better get sta...
  • 39 years old | Portland, OR, USA

  • iurii
  • 44 years old | Kyyiv, Ukraine

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